Image and Video Abstraction by Coherence-Enhancing Filtering

Supplemental material: comparisons with other techniques

Comparision with anisotropic Kuwahara Filter:

image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007 image008
image009 image010 image011 image012 image013 image014 image015 image016
image017 image018 image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 image024
image025 image026 image027 image028 image029 image030 image031 image032
image033 image034 image035 image036 image037 image038 image039 image040
image041 image042 image043 image044 image045 image046 image047 image048
image049 image050 image051 image052 image053 image054 image055 image056
image057 image058 image059 image060 image061 image062 image063

Comparision with shape-simplifying image abstraction:

image101 image102 image103 image104 image105 image106 image107 image108
image109 image110 image111 image112 image113 image114 image115 image116
image117 image118 image119 image120 image121 image122 image123 image124
image125 image126 image127 image128 image129 image130 image131 image132
image133 image134 image135 image136 image137 image138 image139

Comparision with Gradient Shop:

image201 image202 image203 image204 image205 image206 image207 image208
image209 image210 image211 image212 image213 image214 image215 image216
image217 image218 image219 image220 image221 image222 image223 image224
image225 image226 image227 image228 image229 image230 image231 image232
image233 image234 image235 image236 image237 image238 image239 image240
image241 image242 image243 image244 image245 image246 image247 image248
image249 image250 image251 image252 image253 image254

Comparision with structure-preserving manipulation of photographs:

image301 image302 image303 image304 image305 image306 image307 image308
image309 image310 image311

Comparision with artistic edge and corner preserving smoothing:

image401 image402 image403 image404 image405 image406 image407 image408
image409 image410 image411 image412 image413 image414 image415 image416
image417 image418 image419 image420 image421 image422 image423 image424
image425 image426 image427 image428 image429 image430 image431 image432
image433 image434 image435 image436 image437 image438 image439 image440
image441 image442 image443 image444 image445 image446 image447 image448
image449 image450 image451 image452 image453 image454 image455 image456
image457 image458 image459 image460 image461 image462 image463 image464
image465 image466 image467 image468 image469 image470 image471 image472
image473 image474 image475 image476 image477 image478 image479 image480