Jan Eric Kyprianidis

Post-doctoral researcher with the computer graphics group at TU Berlin

Research Interests

  • Differential geometry / geometry processing
  • Digital image processing
  • Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR)
  • GPU computing / real-time rendering

Selected Publications

Thumbnail State of the ‘Art’: A Taxonomy of Artistic Stylization Techniques for Images and Video
Kyprianidis, J. E., Collomosse, J., Wang, T., & Isenberg, T., IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2013.
Thumbnail Artistic Stylization by Nonlinear Filtering
Kyprianidis, J. E., In: Rosin, P., Collomosse, J. (Eds.), Image and Video-Based Artistic Stylisation. Springer, 2013.
Thumbnail Image and Video Abstraction by Coherence-Enhancing Filtering
Kyprianidis, J. E. & Kang, H., Computer Graphics Forum, 30(2), 2011. (Special issue on Eurographics 2011)
Thumbnail Image and Video Abstraction by Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering
Kyprianidis, J. E., Kang, H., & Döllner, J. Computer Graphics Forum, 28(7), pp. 1955-1963, 2009. (Special issue on Pacific Graphics 2009)
Thumbnail Image Abstraction by Structure Adaptive Filtering
Kyprianidis, J. E. & Döllner, J. In Proc. EG UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, pp. 51-58, 2008.